Blaine Everitt

Dr. Kadir is that rare kind of doctor that you want to refer to everyone you know. I have sent many, many friends and co-workers to her for care because she is an amazing and brilliant doctor. Dr. Kadir is LBGTQ+ friendly and a safe doctor for all to trust. Dr. Kadir has been my primary care doctor for over seven years, and I LOVE her. Dr. Kadir always spends as much time as needed, to make sure I have a plan to stay healthy or get healthy and feeling better. She always takes into consideration my financial affordability, when a test is needed. Discussing what I can afford and making sure that the test or medication is necessary and affordable. She is my GO-TO DOCTOR for every medical and mental health issue. I know she will give me an honest, kind, compassionate care plan and abundant information. She always gets me to the correct specialist for further support, like an endocrinologist, or spine specialist. If your appointment is not with Dr. Kadir, she has a great team including, very knowledgeable nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They took great care of me after I got COVID-19. Her office offers so many services, all in one stop! I never have to drive somewhere else, after my doctor visit, for blood work, again. They have an in-house phlebotomist! A few of the services her office offers are: dermatology, allergy testing, and treatment, full physicals, ADHD detection, and treatment. They even have a head-to-toe health check, with scans and tests that can check for hidden health issues, before they become worse or deadly, like heart issues or cancer. If you need a doctor only for a yearly physical, and when you feel the flu or a sinus infection coming on, you have found the perfect place. You might be like me and have an extremely complicated medical history and prescription maintenance needs, then your search is over, this is your doctor. Dr. Kadir will look at you holistically and will address all of your health issues and concerns.

Written by Client