Stacy K.

I became a patient this year and I have been really impressed thus far. They have been very patient, thoughtful, and deliberate in delivering care. Yet they were also quick in assessing my situation and taking action. I was really worried that getting proper care would take months and include tons of unnecessary visits, but they got me on a care plan within a week after my first visit and they don't call me in unless it's actually needed. I'm self-pay so that's a BIG DEAL. Plus, their rates are very reasonable and they were able to give me an actual cost estimate over the phone before my first appointment - no other doctor offices will do that these days! My only critical comment would be that they can be a little too relaxed about asking private medical questions while in the lobby (things like "What medication are you here for?" or "What are you here to talk about today?"). Some people would be very uncomfortable with that, but a ton of doctor's offices do the same thing, so what can 'ya do?

Written by Family Medicine Austin