Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for Men: What to Expect

Jeannette | Posted on October 5, 2022 
hrt for men

Americans in millions of numbers get their testosterone levels back to normal; take prescribed testosterone injections or gels (often referred to as HRT treatment). As you become older, HRT for men may seem appealing. There are, however, many false beliefs regarding the HRT for men like what the treatment can and cannot do for you. The best anti-aging remedy would appear to be testosterone treatment. However, it is unclear what advantages testosterone treatment has for health in relation to age-related testosterone reduction.

Learn what is known and what is unknown about testosterone treatment for ageing normally.

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What does it mean by Testosterone?

A hormone principally generated in the testicles is testosterone. Testosterone supports men’s:

  • Bone thickness
  • distribution of fat
  • Strength and bulk of muscles
  • Body and facial hair
  • Synthesis of red blood cells
  • Drive by sex
  • Sperm generation

What does Testosterone has to do with age?

Adolescence and the early years of adulthood are when testosterone levels often rise. Your testosterone level generally decreases with age, typically by 1% every year beyond the age of 30 or 40. It’s critical to distinguish between a low testosterone level in older men and one caused by a condition called as hypogonadism.

Because of a disorder with the testicles or the pituitary gland, which regulates the testicles, hypogonadism impairs the capacity to generate normal quantities of testosterone. The symptoms and indications of low testosterone in these men can be improved with HRT or testosterone replacement treatment, which comes in terms of injections, pills, patches, or gels.

What does it mean if Testosterone decline occurs naturally? Is that a sign of aging?

The answer is ‘no, not always’. As men age, they may experience a variety of symptoms. Among the consequences of reduced testosterone levels are the following:

Variation in sexual function: Decreased sexual desire, lesser spontaneous erections, such as those that occur while sleeping and infertility may be an example of this condition.

Physical variation: There might be a number of physical variations, such as an increase in body fat, a loss in muscle mass and strength, and a decrease in bone density. It’s possible to experience body hair loss as well as swollen or sore breasts. Perhaps you’re not as energized as you previously were.

Emotional variation: Low testosterone may be a factor in motivational or self-confidence decline. You can experience sadness or depression, as well as difficulties focusing or remembering things.

A blood test can be made to determine whether someone has low testosterone.

Could a HRT for men bring youthfulness and strength?

It is not known if HRT for men would be advantageous for older men who are generally healthy, although it can help reverse the consequences of hypogonadism. Also, there is no evidence that supports the application of HRT in otherwise healthy men, despite the belief of some men that they feel younger and more active if they take testosterone drugs. According to American College of Physicians guidelines, testosterone treatment may help certain men’s sexual function, but there isn’t much proof that it helps other functions like bringing back strength or energy.

What are certain risks associated with HRT for men?

Only a small percentage of men who receive testosterone therapy have acute adverse effects such acne, sleep apnea, swollen or painful breasts, or ankle edema. The risk of clotting may be increased by high red blood cell counts, which is another concern for doctors. Some medical professionals remain concerned that testosterone treatment can encourage the development of prostate cancer cells. The data is conflicting, much like with the speculative cardiac concerns. However, because of the prevalence of prostate cancer, medical professionals are sometimes hesitant to provide testosterone therapy to men who may be at risk.

Risks associated with HRT for men include:
  • Sleep apnea: a potentially threatening sleep problem when breathing often stops and resumes, is getting worse.
  • Causing skin responses like acne.
  • Stimulating the progression of prostate cancer that already exists as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia, the expansion of the prostate gland.
  • Increasing chest size
  • Preventing sperm from being produced or making testicles atrophy.
  • This raises the possibility of a blood clot forming by overly stimulating the production of red blood cells. It is possible for a clot to become free, travel through the circulation, and then settle in the lungs, obstructing blood flow (pulmonary embolism).
  • Additionally, some sources indicate that HRT for men may make you more susceptible to heart problems.

Should I go and talk to the doctor regarding HRT?

If you have any doubts about whether HRT for men is the best option for you, discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your doctor. Before suggesting testosterone therapy, your doctor will most likely do at least two testosterone levels tests on you. It is not recommended to go for hormone replacement therapy to treat natural ageing. Your doctor could propose natural methods to increase testosterone, such as decreasing weight and building muscle mass via resistance training, if there isn’t a medical disease causing your testosterone levels to fall. Men with abnormally low levels of testosterone may find benefit from hormone therapy. It does not, however, come without dangers. If you are contemplating hormone treatment to counteract a natural decline in testosterone levels, these hazards may outweigh the advantages.

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Respect and discretion:

Staff is usually dedicated to providing each patient with private care and respect in a welcoming setting. With some exceptions, after having HRT, this implies that they will take care of you in same-sex wards that have separate restrooms for men and women. Whenever feasible, staff will move you next to a patient who has the same sex or use curtains to protect your privacy in these situations. Please talk to the charge nurse or the ward sister if you have any other concerns in this regard.

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