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An annual wellness physical is important to ensure you’re in good health or to catch health issues early. Our physical specialists offer physical exams for men and women at Family Medicine Austin. We also provide other physicals, including sports, school, or DOT.

Physicals specialists recommend that everyone receive an annual physical examination regardless of age. Some potentially hazardous health conditions, such as excessive cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease, exhibit few signs or symptoms. Regular doctor visits can provide early warning signs and teach you everything you need to know to live a long, healthy life.

What do Annual Physicals include?

Family Medicine Austin offers “head-to-toe” physicals to check your entire body for any signs of illness or other problems that need to be addressed. This exam includes checking your blood pressure and heart rate and physically examining different body parts for signs of disease. Our annual physicals include comprehensive lab testing for cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

For women’s health, FMA offers a female exam that includes Pap smears and any necessary referrals for a mammogram.

For men’s health, we include checking for prostate issues and making referrals for a colorectal exam if you are 50 years old or older.

Annual physicals

Benefits of Annual Physicals

Annual physicals inform doctors of modest changes in their patient’s health that they must monitor. From one year to the next, the body undergoes tiny changes that can significantly impact an individual’s overall health. When a person visits the doctor for annuals, the doctor can detect minor health problems before they become severe. In certain instances, an annual exam can detect a condition that has been present for some time but is only beginning to manifest symptoms.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are frequently identified for the first time during annual physical examinations. When a problem is discovered early on, it can be resolved considerably more quickly and effectively than when it is discovered later. Early therapy implies early diagnosis.

Importance of Early Detection

People typically receive annual physicals to detect health problems early. It is especially crucial for disorders such as cancer and heart disease. When a health issue is detected early, a doctor has a greater variety of treatment options. When a health issue reaches a “point of no return,” few treatment options are left.

Physicals exam

What happens during Physicals?

The physical checkup includes checking your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight, and other vital indicators, including your BMI.

It also includes reviewing the patient’s medical history. During a review of your medical history, your primary care physician will inquire about your personal and family medical history, any drugs you may be taking, and your lifestyle.

The specialist will evaluate your overall health and well-being during a physical examination. They examine your throat, breathing, heartbeat, reflexes, and other regions for indications of sickness, injury, or illness. Frequently, they will also examine your eyesight and hearing.

Suppose you are at risk of developing a health problem or exhibiting symptoms of one. In that case, the professionals at Family Medicine Austin may recommend that you undergo laboratory testing or other imaging procedures to diagnose or exclude serious medical conditions.

Sports and DOT physicals at Family Medicine Austin, TX

Our practice offers sports physicals in Austin for athletes who need to show proof that they’re in good condition to play their chosen sport without any restrictions. Many schools and other organizations require athletes to undergo a sports physical once per year.

If you drive a commercial vehicle, the Department of Transportation (DOT) obligates you to undergo a DOT physical. Our medical staff can conduct this exam and provide the results to show your employer.

If it’s time for your next physical, please get in touch with Family Medicine Austin to set up an appointment, as we offer school physicals, sports physicals, and dot physicals.

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