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Just as your car needs regular tune-ups, your body requires regular checkups and physicals to make sure you’re in good health or to catch health issues early.

Our providers offer physical exams for men and women in Austin, Texas at Family Medicine Austin. We also provide other types of physicals, including sports and school physicals and DOT physicals.

What do annual physicals include?

Family Medicine Austin offers “head to toe” physicals to check your entire body for any signs of illness or other problems that she needs to address. This exam includes checking your blood pressure and heart rate to see if they fall within a healthy range and physically examining different parts of your body for signs of disease. Our annual physicals also include comprehensive lab testing, and that includes testing for cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Do I need immunizations?

Immunizations are also part of our annual physicals. Adults can choose to have optional immunizations, such as the flu vaccine or shingles vaccine. Vaccinations provide you with protection from contagious diseases, so you’re less likely to get them. Your practitioner lets you know which immunizations you should consider getting based on your risk of contracting specific diseases.

What do men’s health and women’s health physicals include?

Family Medicine Austin offers physicals that focus on detecting problems with your reproductive system or assisting with fertility issues. For women’s health, this includes Pap smears and family planning. For men’s health, this includes checking for signs of health issues that specifically affect men, such as prostate problems.

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What if I have a chronic condition or sports injury?

During your physical, our practitioners provide you with chronic care management. We conduct tests as needed to check on your condition and determine if you’ve been able to manage it or if you need to make any changes to medications or your lifestyle. If you have a sports injury, we offer sports medicine services to help you heal properly and reduce your risk of having another injury or ongoing pain.

What are sports and DOT physicals?

Our practice offers sports physicals for athletes who need to show proof that they’re in good condition to play their chosen sport without any restrictions. Many schools and other organizations usually require athletes to undergo a sports physical once a year. If you drive a commercial vehicle, the Department of Transportation (DOT) obliges you to undergo a DOT physical. Our medical staff can conduct this exam for you and provide you with results to show your employer.

If it’s time for your next physical, please contact Family Medicine Austin to set up an appointment.


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