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From urinary tract infections to family planning, having a women’s health care provider you can trust is vital. At Family Medicine Austin, Dr. Lamia Kadir offers compassionate and confidential services for women in the Austin, Texas area.

You can count on receiving care from a doctor you feel comfortable with when you see one of our staff members, whether you need a routine Pap smear or treatment for vaginal problems.

How Often do I Need a Pap Smear?

While you need a Pap smear on a regular basis, you don’t need them done every year; some women need to have Pap smears done every few years, while others only need them every five years. Our medical staff lets you know how many years you can go between Pap smears depending on how old you are and whether or not you’re at risk of certain diseases.

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How do I Know if I Need Treatment for Vaginal Discharge?

You can have vaginal discharge for a number of reasons ranging from mild infections to cervical cancer and STDs. If you have abnormal discharge, such as discharge with a foul odor, you should see Dr. Kadir for an exam and testing. If you need treatment for an infection or other vaginal problem to clear up discharge, Dr. Kadir will make sure you get it promptly to reduce the risk of complications.

Do I Need Treatment for a UTI?

If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), such as burning while urinating or a strong need to urinate, make an appointment for testing and treatment. When you leave UTIs untreated, they can turn into much more serious problems, such as kidney damage or kidney infections. Our practitioners can provide you with antibiotics to clear up UTIs before serious problems occur.

Family Planning Services Offered at Family Medicine Austin

If you need family planning services, our staff has a broad range of options available. Depending on whether or not you want kids someday and when you’re thinking of trying, you can discuss medications, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and other options with your practitioner. If you have an IUD already and want to conceive, we can remove it. If you think you might be pregnant, we can also administer a pregnancy test.

Do I Need Treatment for Menopause?

You don’t necessarily need treatment for menopause since it’s a natural process, but you might want to look into your options if you’re having severe symptoms. Menopause can cause hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, and other problems that can affect your quality of life. Our staff can discuss all the options for treating those symptoms with you, such as hormone therapy and lifestyle changes.

Women’s Health Services Available in Austin, Texas

If you need women’s health services, please contact Family Medicine Austin to make an appointment with one of our skilled medical staff members.


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