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Lab testing services can serve numerous purposes, from investigating particular symptoms to evaluating a patient’s overall health. Family Medicine Austin, at Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) and Genesis, offers basic onsite lab testing to adults, including tests for pregnancy, influenza, and strep throat. Please call the office today to learn about lab testing or make an appointment.

What lab testing services are available onsite?

Family Medicine Austin offers the following lab tests onsite:

  • Urine pregnancy: Checks for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, in your urine. If this hormone is present, you may be pregnant.
  • Strep test: Determines whether you have an infection caused by streptococcal bacteria.
  • Urine dipstick: Looks for the presence of blood, protein, or signs of infection in your urine.
  • Influenza: Confirms or excludes the presence of influenza in patients with symptoms of this virus.
  • Blood test: A blood test is a laboratory examination that looks for specific compounds in a patient’s blood. Your doctor may recommend periodic blood tests to determine how effectively the issues like diabetes and high cholesterol are managed. Regular blood tests are administered to examine the health of your kidneys, liver, heart, thyroid glands, and other organs.

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Based on the results of these tests, our practitioners can determine what treatments you need. If your urine pregnancy test is positive, we may refer you to an obstetrician for treatment. However, if your strep test is positive, they may prescribe an antibiotic.

If your urine dipstick test shows evidence of a possible infection or another condition, she may recommend other tests to find out more. Finally, if your influenza test returns positive, we may prescribe medications or at-home treatments to help you recover.

What if I need more extensive lab testing?

If we determine that you need a test that isn’t available onsite, we will refer you to another laboratory. After receiving your test results, we will discuss them with you over the phone or in the office.

When should I expect my lab results?

The Family Medicine Austin lab processes each test quickly, so you’ll know your test results before you leave the office. However, if you were referred to another lab for more extensive testing, you may not get your results immediately. Our staff can tell you when to expect results from an outside lab.

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What do the results of my lab tests mean?

The results of a lab test can tell you whether you have a specific infection or condition. For example, you’re probably pregnant if you have a positive pregnancy test. If you have a positive influenza test, you probably have the flu.

However, these tests aren’t foolproof. Sometimes, you may have a false positive or negative result. If your practitioner is concerned that your test results aren’t accurate, we may recommend further tests.

Lab Testing in Austin, TX

Lab testing is integral to every individualized and comprehensive health care strategy. Laboratory tests reveal how the body functions at any particular time and provide uninterpretable data. It enables a physician to identify and correct malfunctioning metabolic pathways and components of cellular function.

Family Medicine Austin offers the best lab testing services, including blood, influenza, urine pregnancy, and dipstick testing. Our experts evaluate the findings of each lab test and determine the best course of action to create a wellness plan for you that is tailored to your specific needs. We care about you and want to assist you in achieving optimal health.

The key to optimal health is ensuring that the body functions properly and efficiently. Patients can learn a great deal from laboratory testing, particularly when supplemented with the knowledge of a trained physician or nurse. To learn more about our lab testing services, call us today.

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